Sarah Glenn has 10 minutes with Modern Insurance Magazine

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Sarah Glenn has 10 minutes with Modern Insurance Magazine

Our Commercial Director, Sarah Glenn, had 10 minutes with Modern Insurance Magazine featured in their latest edition.  Who would you choose to have at your dinner party?


Q  What is your most memorable achievement whilst working in your current role?


I started at RGI some 18 years ago after a failed attempt within media; I have worked every single role that there could be in those 18 years!  I am immensely proud in being promoted to Commercial Director back in November 2020 and successfully navigating the company through the travails of COVID with my Ops Director, Anthony Byrne.


Q What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given?


Always stay true to yourself and never be dragged down to prove a point.  Never divert from your values and use them as your Northern Star, then you will never get lost.


Q What has been the key positive or negative impact of change in your area of the market?


I have felt lifted with the true spirit of those within the industry that have used the impact of COVID to ensure we are all working together.   In order to fight fraud successfully, we need true collaboration, and I am happy to say that I see more of that now than before and it feels good!  I hope the more recent conversations I have been having continue.


Q If you were not in your current position, what would you like to be doing?


In my early years studying at The University Of Sunderland, I had high hopes to become the next Trevor McDonald!  I loved my time at university and the diverse scope of my degree in communications.  I did a stint on the uni radio show too, so my backup plan was to become famous via radio instead! Turns out I am more successful at fighting fraud, so hopefully my parents are proud!


Q What three items would you put on display in a museum of your life and why?


A picture of my kids – I consider them to be my biggest achievement to date.  I love seeing them grow into small adults and I am proud of what they have achieved so far in their early years.

My old MX-5 – I loved my MX-5, it was the first and probably last car I can claim to having a sports car.  It was fun to drive!

My DAB radio – I love music and I love listening to podcasts and the radio.  It is constantly on in my house and it would be strange if it wasn’t on.


Q What three guests would you invite to a dinner party?


Steve Coogan – I’d love to see if he is just like Alan Partridge in real life.  Mid-Morning Matters makes me howl laughing.

Audrey Hepburn – A true fashion icon for me, but the work she did for UNICEF was invaluable.  She was a true humanitarian who I have deeply admired.

Sam White – I have been listening to her podcasts, Human Business, and there is no denying that Sam is true to herself and very straight talking; I admire this in anyone and I would love to learn from that, as even at 41 I feel I have lots to learn and never want to lose sight of that.



Sarah Glenn
Commercial Director, RGI Solutions

Credit: Modern Insurance Magazine