As the FCA’s Consumer Duty Looms How Can RGI Assist?

FCA Consumer Duty

As the FCA’s Consumer Duty Looms How Can RGI Assist?

As consumers, we all have certain expectations when it comes to the products and services that we pay for. This is especially true in the world of insurance, where we rely on insurers to protect us in times of need. However, the way insurers operate has a significant impact on the trust and confidence that consumers have in the industry. This is where consumer duty and treating customers fairly come into play.


The concept of consumer duty is a set of regulatory expectations placed on insurers to prioritise the best interests of their customers. This means that insurers are required to be transparent about their policies and procedures, and to treat customers fairly throughout the entire process. When insurers prioritise their customers’ interests over their own profits, they can build trust and create loyal customers.

Whilst the new FCA reforms, including the general pricing practices have caused an impact on the insurance industry as a whole, one area where this becomes particularly important is in claims investigations. Insurers have a duty to investigate claims in a timely and efficient manner, but they must also do so fairly. If customers feel that they are being treated unfairly, they may become frustrated and disillusioned with the insurance industry as a whole. This is where RGI Solutions can play a key role in assisting insurers with their claims investigations.

RGI Solutions can help insurers to conduct thorough investigations while remaining impartial and objective. These solutions utilise cutting-edge technology and with in-house databases along with our highly trained personnel, we can quickly and accurately assess claims. By using these tools, insurers can identify any potential issues or red flags, ensuring that they can investigate claims thoroughly and effectively.

Another benefit of using RGI Solutions in claims investigations is that they can help insurers to identify fraudulent claims. This is especially important in an industry where fraud can have significant financial implications. RGI Solutions can assist in identifying patterns and anomalies, making it easier for insurers to identify suspicious claims and take appropriate action.

Sarah Glenn

Sarah Glenn comments:



Consumer Duty and Treating Customers Fairly are critical concepts for insurers to understand and embrace. By prioritising their customers’ interests and utilising RGI Solutions in claims investigations, insurers can build trust, reduce fraud, and ensure that they are operating in a responsible and ethical manner. Ultimately, this will lead to more satisfied customers and a healthier, more trustworthy insurance industry.


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