Chelwood Food Bank Black and White Ball – Join Us in Supporting a Worthy Cause

Chelwood Food Bank

Chelwood Food Bank Black and White Ball – Join Us in Supporting a Worthy Cause

This weekend, our Director, Sarah Glenn, will be attending the Chelwood Food Bank Black and White Ball, a prestigious event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a cause close to our hearts.


Over the years, our commitment to supporting the Chelwood Food Bank has grown, with Sarah having attended previous events, and we are reaching out to our community for further support.

Black & White Ball Chelwood Food Bank

The Chelwood Food Bank Black and White Ball, organised by David and Anita Hird,  proves to be a night of elegance and purpose, bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations to make a positive impact on the community.  When attending the first ball, in November 2021, everyone who went, alongside local businesses and active members of the community, managed to raise over £20,000 for Chelwood Food Bank.  This year we are hoping to help them reach above and beyond this, which we appreciate is going to be a hard ask, but we have faith!

David Hird says:

After the huge success of our very first Black and White Ball back in 2021. Due to increasing demand and falling donations. We have decided to do a Second Ball in aid of Chelwood Foodbank at Shrigley Hall Hotel on Saturday 18th November…As times are getting harder with all what’s going on in the world right now demand is increasing to new levels but unfortunately donations are being hit too and are going down weekly.


Sarah will be attending David & Anita’s Black and White Ball with local businesses, such as BE Lifestyle Boutique, Your Support Team Ltd, Guinot Bramhall, Construction Q, Amaranth and many more!  Now, we invite you to join us in making a positive impact. Your support can go a long way in ensuring that the Chelwood Food Bank continues its crucial work. By donating to their Just Giving page, you contribute directly to the well-being of individuals and families facing food insecurity in our community.

No donation is too small, and every contribution matters. Together, we can make a significant impact and help the Chelwood Food Bank continue its mission of providing essential support to those in need.

Sarah Glenn comments: Sarah Glenn

As we reflect on Chelwood Food Bank Black and White Ball, we are inspired to amplify our efforts in support of this noble cause. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of the journey so far, especially to David and Anita who continually go above and beyond most days for our local community.  We invite others to join us in making a positive difference. Together, we can create a community where no one goes hungry, and where support and compassion flourish.


Your generosity can make a significant difference, and we are grateful for any support in helping towards building a stronger, more compassionate community. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.  To kick off the fundraising, we are proud to make a donation towards the charity and invite those we know to donate, no matter how small.  Thank you.