Endorsed and Ethical

Integrity, reliability, insight, value and quality

To ensure a prompt and successful outcome, it’s vital the investigator you use is both knowledgeable and ethical

At RGI Solutions, our personnel aren’t just highly trained, they’re fully vetted, and regularly DBS checked. They also undergo full disability awareness and cognitive interview training.


Our personnel understand how to ask the most difficult of questions in the most sensitive of ways. They’re totally professional.


Should the need arise, they know how to calm potentially challenging situations, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re actively monitored and handpicked for every job.


As a further measure of our uncompromising standards, we not only investigate, but are also registered as a training hub to deliver the latest SIA-compliant qualifications. All of our investigators will be qualified to at least IQ Level 3 Award Professional Investigation.

In short, we work hard to ensure that one day all investigators will operate the RGI Solutions way.

Meet The Leadership Team


As Lead Director, Anthony is responsible for ensuring all board decisions are made within the best interest of the company.  Working alongside the director team it is Anthony’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that company continues to grow and develop whilst maintaining the core values of quality and excellence that have been synonymous with RGI for over 30 years.

As Operations Director, he is responsible for the overarching day to day operations of the Company, Anthony’s focus is to guarantee performance standards are met and maintained to the highest level throughout the wide range of services provided by RGI Solutions. As the Company’s ISO officer, Anthony is determined to ensure the Company’s absolute commitment to quality systems and information security is maintained through the continual focus and adherence to ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. In addition Anthony is also responsible for the management of all in-house staff and HR.

Chris Moore

After gaining invaluable experience in insurance claims departments, Chris worked for 6yrs as a Fraud Fee Earner at a major Defendant solicitor in the North West. He joined RGI Solutions in 2008 and was responsible for completely re-designing our Fraud processes. His extensive legal experience became an integral part of our Counter Fraud philosophy which makes RGI Solutions unique, in that we know first-hand what evidence our clients require to successfully defend claims in Court. Chris is also absolutely committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients through intelligence led investigations.

Jamie Lankey

Jamie has been with RGI Solutions since 2008 and has brought with him considerable multi lines technical claims management experience. Having worked in an operational fraud management role for a large UK general insurer, Jamie has a detailed understanding of how we can assist our clients by accurately contributing to the measurement processes relating to claims management and savings. Jamie has operational management responsibility for our claims investigation teams ensuring that the quality and performance of both our in house and field investigators always meets and excels our client’s level of expectation.