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If RGI Solutions’ many years of experience have taught us one thing, it’s that technology continues to enable and empower our teams to provide “best in class” investigation services

In a bid to ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible; we routinely review our technology and tooling infrastructure against the market.


RGI Solutions continually invests in its infrastructure, including innovative IT solutions that deliver convenient and efficient services for customers.


We pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative solutions, whether we are asked by a client or come up with the idea proactively. Our team is always accessible to speak with technology providers, or we proactively seek out ways in which our existing vendors can address problems for us.


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Online Instructing Portal


RGI Solutions has developed a system that allows you to instruct us in real time, rather than having to fill out forms. The online system is quick and easy—within a few simple screens you can instruct us. Please click here to login to the system.

Introducing Innovative Vehicle Inspection Services for Fraud Investigation and More


At RGI Solutions, we are revolutionising vehicle inspection services to meet the demands of modern fraud investigations, key interrogation, fire inspections, low-speed impact analysis, and more. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and industry expertise sets us apart in delivering unmatched solutions for your needs.



Innovative Vehicle Inspection Solutions


Fraud Investigation: Our advanced vehicle inspection methods provide critical insights for fraud investigations. We utilise state-of-the-art tools and techniques to uncover fraudulent activities related to vehicle damage, claims, and accidents.

Key Interrogation: Discover the power of our key interrogation services, which include in-depth analysis of vehicle key data. We can help you extract essential information for various investigative purposes.


Fire Inspection and Analysis


Fire Damage Assessment: Our experts conduct thorough fire inspections to determine the cause and extent of fire damage to vehicles. We provide detailed reports and insights to support your insurance claims or investigations.

Arson Investigation: In cases of suspected arson, our specialised team utilises forensic techniques to examine the evidence and uncover the truth behind vehicle fires.


Low-Speed Impact Analysis


Accident Reconstruction: We offer precise low-speed impact analysis and accident reconstruction services. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to recreate accident scenarios, helping you establish liability and authenticity in claims.

Damage Assessment: Our detailed damage assessment reports provide a comprehensive analysis of low-speed impacts, ensuring a thorough understanding of vehicle damage for insurance claims and investigations.


Technology and Expertise


Advanced Tools: We employ the latest technology, including 3D scanning, vehicle data analysis software, and digital forensics tools, to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Industry Experts: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in vehicle inspection, fraud investigation, fire inspection, and accident analysis. We have the expertise you can trust.


Ready to leverage our innovative vehicle inspection services for your specific needs? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to your requirements.

Choosing RGI Solutions means working with an insightful, approachable, wholly compliant investigations team that listens, acts and delivers.

It’s not by chance that RGI Solutions has grown to become one of the country’s leading independent insurance investigation specialists.

To ensure a prompt and successful outcome, it’s vital the investigator you use is both knowledgeable and ethical.

RGI Solutions’ portfolio of services is regularly reviewed to ensure we provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date and effective investigation solutions.