My sister made me do it…


My sister made me do it…

This claim involved medical-related expenses that originated in South Africa, prompting suspicion due to a series of irregularities within the supplied documents. We noted that some cash withdrawals appeared to be inconsistent with stated costs and there were also discrepancies between invoiced amounts.


RGI Solutions became involved and following a full detailed triage and enquiry by our intelligence department, evidence uncovered a link between the insured and the company that provided an invoice in respect of the airport transfer, accommodation, and meals for the insured and two other family members whilst the person who was ill was being treated in hospital.

Our investigator obtained a detailed statement from the policyholder, who initially advised that his brother had arranged the above and denied any association with the company.

The insured was challenged at this point with intelligence that had already been uncovered to which he then conceded that the company from which the invoice was produced, was owned by his sister and that he had no intention of repaying the monies back. He went on to advise that his ‘sister made him do it.’

He was advised of the repercussions of submitting the document to which the insured advised that he regretted submitting a fraudulent invoice and chose to withdraw his full claim.

Our services enabled our client to save £5,000 in costs.

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