Pre-sue reports, are they worth it?

Pre-sue reports, are they worth it?

Pre-sue reports are nothing new. They have not been created as a result of Covid-19. However, the current pandemic has meant everyone has been affected, some positively, many others not so.


Every livelihood has been touched and thousands have lost everything. Many people are now struggling financially and this will of course lead to a greater number of financially motivated fraudulent claims.


In addition to this, many people will feel that they must cut costs and so choose to drive around uninsured. The flip side to this is that insurers will have to deal with more claims involving uninsured drivers where they need to seek recovery of their outlay from this person.


Additionally, businesses will close, tenants will renege on their agreements and flee and finance agreements will fail. This will lead to thousands of pounds being owed to suppliers, landlords, creditors and others.


What can you do about and is it really worth it?

Well, a pre-sue report is essentially a desktop report completed by highly experienced asset tracing agents. They will explore the financial standing of the target, establishing CCJ’s, Bankruptcy petitions, house ownerships, directorships, employment status coupled with social media analysis to establish the daily movements and sometimes spending habits of the target.

An added benefit to this is a personal visit to the last known address if necessary. This can confirm residency for future service or can confirm employment or even assets owned, such as boats or caravans.

All this is crucial to know to enable you to determine if the debtor has the ability to repay the debt or, if they are worth pursuing through Civil action. It can be equally beneficial to confirm if you are never likely to recover your money so can save the high legal costs of pursuing a dead end.


Why RGI Solutions?

Sure, there are lots of companies that offer this service but clients approach us after they have tried other companies and are unhappy with either the result, service, turnaround time or price they have been charged.

RGI Solutions are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We have been handling pre-sue reports for our clients for the whole of these 30 years and our skills and experience have improved dramatically. We also use the most comprehensive tracing databases in the world, so our reports are ‘best in class’.



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