RGI Solutions and Citadel Chambers Launch Private Prosecution Service

RGI Solutions and Citadel Chambers Launch Private Prosecution Service

RGI Solutions & Citadel Call on Industry to Pursue Convictions Not Cautions in Fight Against Fraud.


Responding to the ongoing reduction of Police resource and CPS budget, RGI Solutions and Citadel Chambers have formed a strategic partnership to deliver insurers an innovative ‘cost neutral’ private prosecution service to tackle fraud and bring offenders before the courts with speed and simplicity. Clients will benefit from a regime that allows for payment of reasonable costs from central funds in properly pursued cases, win or lose. The service can also be applied where fraudulent claims have already been settled, with cases re-opened and an application for compensation through the courts made under POCA. The combined expertise of the two organisations captures best evidence, establishes a case and follows best practice criminal litigation to secure convictions and cost recoveries, all whilst protecting reputation.

The forward thinking litigation model sees a Counsel led process utilising Chambers’ own in house solicitor service involved at investigation stage. This allows for early identification of suitable cases and enables clients to make informed decisions, controlling speed, efficiency and direction of cases. Clients will become known for pursuing and achieving a full criminal prosecution, not just a caution and fraudsters will turn their attention to softer targets.

Ray Glenn, Managing Director at RGI Solutions commented:

“The MoJ has been hit with a further £249m of cuts and 34,000 police officers have left the service since 2010 with further reductions expected. Meanwhile new methods of criminal activity by organised crime syndicates are flourishing. Instead of being re-active we must be pro-active as an industry. Fraud investigations and the judicial process have just entered a new and decisive era. Our strategic partnership with Citadel Chambers is the first of its kind and will provide a seamless investigation leading to swift prosecution of offenders. The service gives insurers back the power to pursue the criminals targeting their businesses, gain compensation and recover costs, whilst sending a powerful deterrent message to fraudsters.”

Andrew Fisher QC, Head of Citadel Chambers added:

“Private prosecution of the right cases can provide a more efficient and successful solution than the current civil litigation route which can be time consuming, expensive and often results in cases never making it to court. This service is unique due to the early involvement of Counsel in the process combined with support from our in house firm of solicitors. We turn the current approach to conduct of litigation on its head with the barrister leading an end to end process to ensure the right cases get to court achieving conviction in an efficient

and cost effective manner. We have a wealth of experience in the prosecution of the most serious and complex criminal matters and our relationship with RGI ensures clients receive a seam less service from identification and investigation all the way through to prosecution.”