RGI Solutions celebrates International Women’s Day 2021


RGI Solutions celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 we hear from our Commercial Director, Sarah Glenn, who discusses why it is important that we choose not just today, but every day, to strive for equality.


Sarah Glenn

“ I am Sarah Glenn and I am proud to speak today on behalf of RGI Solutions.  Many of you will recognise that I share the surname of the founders of RGI Solutions, Ray and Joyce Glenn.  I do not shy away from admitting that I am their daughter and I am also not shy at admitting that as a younger woman, I used to struggle with the stigma that I found was attached to being the daughter of “the boss”.  I used to be embarrassed to admit my connections, as being a woman, especially within the insurance industry, I felt it was important to progress my career as an independent woman, seen for her own individualism with my own voice, without people thinking I was only progressing due to the family connections.


Over a decade ago, I took a back step in my career after becoming a mother and personal circumstances took over, however, I am proud of where I find myself today as Commercial Director.  In my early years, as a child, I had the ambition to be a newsreader, specifically Trevor McDonald!  I loved watching him on TV and I had high hopes to be the next award-winning reporter. Fast forward to 2021, after gaining my degree in Communications, Cultural & Media Studies at Sunderland University, dipping my toe in the media industry for a short time and realising I wanted to focus on Communications & Business Development, I was offered a role at our family business with the view to working my way up.  When I took this role, I genuinely felt I would eventually spread my wings and work for several organisations by the time I turned 40, and for a short period I did leave, but like others at the RGI team, I found my way back!

I am proud of where RGI Solutions is today and the culture that I am extremely passionate about, ensuring our organisation strives for equality within the workplace.  It is even more important to me personally that I find myself in the position as part of the leadership team in driving our company forward, where we recognise that our strength as an organisation lies in the diversity of our people and creating an environment where everyone can thrive, to feel that they have a voice and to embrace their individuality regardless of gender or any other forms of diversity.  By doing this, I strongly believe that it creates an environment where, when we respect people’s individuality, we have a greater chance of collaboration as our staff feel empowered and welcomed to offer ideas in order to develop within their own teams, which essentially drives the success of our business forward, which in turn, allows them to progress within the company.

In the 15 years of working within the insurance sector there has been progress, however, I feel that there is so much more that needs to happen and on the day where we celebrate International Women’s Day, it so happens to be the same day children are returning to school during a pandemic that has notably been seen where the burden of “home-schooling” has fallen disproportionately on women’s shoulders.

Over the weekend, reading the papers with my partner, who I am greatly proud to say, shares the same values on equality as me, I was extremely disheartened to see that it is thought that we will not see gender parity in our lifetimes, and it is unlikely that our children will either.   For me, this only serves to drive me more in ensuring we continue to succeed in our mission to be an inclusive organisation and that my children are influenced to do the same.  There is still so much to do, and we have a long way to go, however, today I celebrate International Women’s Day and encourage everyone to do the same.  In the words of the great Trevor McDonald, “I believe that one can aspire to as much as one wants to.”