RGI Solutions – Resilience In The Face of Challenge

Resilience In The Face of Challenge

RGI Solutions – Resilience In The Face of Challenge

In the insurance industry, one of the key components to success is the ability to adapt to changing environments. In recent years, outsourced investigations companies have been challenged by increased competition and more stringent regulations. As a result, many of these firms have had to modify their business models to remain competitive and sustainable. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the changes and adaptations that our company has implemented in order to build resilience in the face of these challenges.


Firstly, one of the most significant changes has been a shift in focus from quantity to quality. Historically, independent investigations firms have been incentivised to take on as many cases as possible in order to generate maximum revenue. However, this approach often results in a decline in quality, which can negatively impact reputation and client relationships. When we set out in business back in 1990, our mantra was simple:

‘ provide integrity, reliability, insight, value and quality in everything we do.’


With this in mind we have and never wanting to stray from our mantra, we have made a concerted effort to prioritise quality over quantity. This has meant investing more in our employees’ training and development, increasing the amount of time and attention spent on each case, and being more selective in the cases we choose to take on.

Another major change has been a move towards leveraging technology in our operations. This has included the adoption of software and digital tools that enable us to work more efficiently, as well as developing new products and services that are designed to address emerging client needs. For example, we launched an online portal that allows clients to track the progress of their cases in real-time, as well as access relevant documents and information. This not only enhances the client experience but also improves transparency and efficiency.

Lastly, we’ve focused on building strategic partnerships with other industry players. Rather than viewing other firms as competitors, we see the benefits of collaboration. Through partnerships with other like minded professionals and insurance companies, we’ve been able to expand our capabilities and improve our service offerings. Additionally, these partnerships have helped to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, which ultimately benefit our clients.


Sarah GlennSarah Glenn comments:

Building resilience as an independent insurance investigations company requires a willingness to adapt and change in response to evolving market conditions. By prioritising quality, leveraging technology, and forging strategic partnerships, our firm has been able to successfully navigate the challenges and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. As we look towards the future, we’ll continue to monitor the market and make the necessary adjustments to ensure our continued success.


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