RGI Solutions speaks with Modern Insurance Magazine

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RGI Solutions speaks with Modern Insurance Magazine

Our Commercial Director, Sarah Glenn, has been speaking to Modern Insurance Magazine about celebrating 30 years in business and the importance of people, values & customer care.


RGI Solutions have quietly celebrated 30 years of trading during the pandemic and although we have not been able to bring our clients together and celebrate in the way we would have wanted, we are extremely proud of what it signifies. In those 30 years we still have clients that we started out with, which is a huge achievement & a true testament to our company values and strengths, in that we truly have evolved and worked in partnership with them throughout many different changes, proving that we have adapted and remained agile in those 30 years, providing bespoke services to our clients, not forgetting the latest Whiplash Reforms.


Founded by Ray Glenn, following a successful and varied police career, Ray closely studied the issue of fraud surrounding claims and was part of uncovering a well-known fraud ring in Birmingham. He worked alongside Joyce Glenn and Tim Byrne, who supported the growth of RGI Solutions and together they grew the business, which has now proudly become one of the country’s leading independent insurance investigation specialists. As shareholders with a vison for the future, they sought to bring in expert knowledge, with the insight that RGI needed to evolve and move with the times. It is not by chance that we have evolved to what we are today. When we set out in business in 1990, our mantra was simple: ‘to provide integrity, reliability, insight, value and quality in everything we do’.

This remains very much the cornerstone of our business, which has enabled us to stay trading for 30 years and it is extremely important we remain open to change and listen to what our clients need. Now that we have reached such a fantastic milestone, we have entered a phase within RGI where the shareholders have taken a back step allowing fresh minds and leadership as we move forwards after what has been undoubtedly strange & unprecedented times. Anthony Byrne and I have a vision, which we have been working towards alongside our experienced Associate Directors, Chris Moore & Jamie Lankey. We are proud that we have long serving members of the team within RGI that are growing within the company, some of whom are enjoying taking on new roles and challenges with great success, focussing on the legacy that has been handed down.

An area of business that has grown successfully is our Conversation Management team, led by Donna Emmett, whose insight is second to none. This area of the business continues to grow, resulting in fantastic savings for our clients. A recent internal case study with one client highlighted that when reviewing cases received, the client had reviewed & closed with our reports, resulting in a reported NET saving of £230K. When we drilled down further, it resulted in an overall average saving of £315 for each individual case. Furthermore, we found that our overall rejection rate was 42%, providing a ROI of 350%. These figures highlight the need for insurers to continue to be proactive in their approach in tackling fraud, which has undoubtedly been affected during this pandemic.

Touching on the Whiplash Reforms, Chris Moore who leads our Counter Fraud department, believes we will see an increase in claims farming and the need to investigate Credit Hire companies, which is one area we specialise in and continue to work collaboratively with clients, resulting in savings on exaggerated claims for recovery, storage, hire, care and rehabilitation. Alongside Chris, Jamie Lankey has been focussing on working with clients to provide pre-sue reports as we witness how thousands of livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic, we are starting to see a rise in financially motivated exaggerated or fraudulent claims.

I am proud of where RGI Solutions is today and the culture that I am extremely passionate about; ensuring our organisation strives for equality within the workplace. It is even more important to me personally that I find myself in the position as part of the leadership team in driving our company forward, where we recognise that our strength as an organisation lies in the diversity of our people and creating an environment where everyone can thrive, to feel they have a voice and to embrace their individuality. By doing this, I strongly believe it creates an environment where we have a greater chance of collaboration as our staff feel empowered and welcomed to offer ideas in order to develop within their own teams. Which essentially drives the success of our business forward, which in turn, allows them to progress within the company & be the key to RGI’s continued future success alongside the success of its present and future clients & counterparts.

Sarah Glenn
Commercial Director, RGI Solutions

Credit: Modern Insurance Magazine