RGI’s top ten tips to keep your home safe at Christmas

RGI’s top ten tips to keep your home safe at Christmas

As the festive season fast approaches and everyone starts to fill their hiding places at home with expensive gifts for loved ones, we thought we would give you a few top tips on how to ensure you keep your home safe from burglars who will be busy stealing peoples well thought gifts.


1.       Look like you are at home

If you have decided to go away for the Christmas break, make your house look like you are still there. Put lamps on timers or better still, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to open & close your curtains daily. There is a brilliant system called Hive which you can buy and you can control your lights and heating from your mobile, using their app. It is brilliant; you can be anywhere and control your home from this.

2.      Hide those well thought presents

Normally, if you have children, you do this anyway, but even if you don’t, make sure those pesky burglars can’t see them if they were to look through your windows. Use blinds to make it hard for people to look through.

3.      Make use of Neighbourhood Watch in your area

If you see any suspicious behaviour, report it to your neighbourhood watch. Make your neighbours aware so you are all alert.

4.      Don’t leave notes for your postie

If you are out and know you are expecting packages, then don’t leave notes stuck to your door with instructions where to leave them. Also make sure your postie knows not to leave parcels in your recycling bins….this would be the first thing a criminal will check

5.      Don’t hide your door key outside

Thieves know to look for hidden door keys. Don’t hide them in gutters, flowerpots or under your garden ornaments. If you need to leave a key, ask a trusted neighbour.

6.      Don’t run electricity cords through window cracks

Your house may look festive, but running the cords for lights through window cracks creates and easy way for burglars to enter your home. Use an outdoor socket if you can.

7.      Use your alarm system

If one is not already installed, have a rethink on getting a good alarm system and if you do have one, then remember to use it! Make sure all windows are locked and doors are locked and keep your keys in a safe place and out of reach of the letterbox.

8.      Keep those presents safe

We may be busy wrapping up those expensive gifts bought for loved ones, and without thinking leaving gift packaging outside for recycling….keep them out of sight as it’s an advertisement for your home being full of new & expensive items.

9.      Make sure you’re covered

December is always a good time of year to check that you’re fully covered on your home insurance policy. Ensure the level of cover for contents covers new and expensive gifts

10.  Don’t publicise on your social media accounts

We have left this one until last and feel it is the most important one. Avoid publicising your travel plans at Christmas on social media sites, so many people leave these public and it is an easy advert for criminals. You may be really thrilled to receive that diamond ring or necklace on Christmas day, but similarly, you are a walking target for thieves if you post pictures on Facebook or Instagram.