Streamlining Claims Management with RGI Profiling Service

Claimant Profiling

Streamlining Claims Management with RGI Profiling Service

As insurers, your primary objective is to provide reliable financial protection to your clients in the event of a claim. But as an industry that is highly susceptible to fraudulent claims, it can be challenging to strike a balance between trust and due diligence. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions available that can help streamline your claims management process, while minimising risk.


At RGI Solutions, we offer a unique claimant profiling service that provides comprehensive insights into a claimant’s history, background, and current situation. By understanding their concerns and objectives, we create an intelligence pack that delves deep into the claimant’s past and present, using a range of cutting-edge tools and techniques.

The intelligence pack includes various checks, such as last known address, current residency scoring, occupancy period, and recent date scoring, property ownership, and value, CC’Js bankruptcy search, director and company searches, companies associated with the address, and mortality search if concerns are highlighted. Additionally, we conduct a social media sweep, including Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, You Tube & LinkedIn search, amongst other sources.

We understand the importance of upholding the highest levels of confidentiality, which is why our searches are discreet and conducted within legal boundaries. We scrutinise open source material and our own internal i2 database containing over 2 million fraud entities to ensure our reports are thorough and reliable.

Our claimant profiling service can provide valuable insights into a claimant’s employment status and daily abilities if necessary, which can be particularly useful in determining the veracity of their claims.

Jamie LankeyJamie Lankey comments:

At RGI Solutions, we’re passionate about providing our clients with innovative solutions that minimise risk and maximize efficiency. Our claimant profiling service is just one of many services we offer to help insurers safeguard against fraud and provide comprehensive coverage to their clients.


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