Asset Tracing

For 30 years we have helped individuals and corporate entities trace hidden financial and physical assets.…

It is crucial to choose the right expertise to assist with asset tracing. Speed is also another important factor which will increase the likelihood of assets being recovered.


We can identify hidden attachable assets, verify asset ownership, map related owners and associated assets.


Few can match our experience or our intricate local knowledge made possible by our network of international investigators.


All this backed up by a robust, legally sound report for our clients.


Our intelligence team is experienced, knowledgeable and pays absolute attention to detail, all to ensure that every asset trace is investigated swiftly and accurately.

  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Clear, Concise, Factual, Court Ready Reports
  • Utilising Cutting Edge Software With Transparent Methodology
  • Professionally Trained Intelligence Experts
  • OSINT and HUMINT Specialists