Conversation Management

When applying cognitive interviewing, RGI Solutions have seen clients benefit from an increased repudiation at an average of 54% …

Put simply, conversation management is a tool that focuses on the customer, applying a structured telephone interviewing technique which can swiftly validate genuine claims whilst highlighting any potential exaggerated claims and indemnity risks.


In addition to our standard intelligence-led processes, our experienced conversation management team use a number of in-house techniques that blend with cognitive interviewing, subtle psychological techniques and forensic behavioural methods that help determine whether the claimant is telling the truth.  Such techniques are done in a warm, responsive and open-ended questioning technique which allows our trained interviewers to focus on what is being said, but most crucially what can be omitted by the claimant.


When using such techniques, it ensures that customers with genuine claims feel supported with a positive customer journey resulting in their claim to be settled in a timely manner, whilst exposing deception in a non-confrontational way for those with exaggerated or fraudulent claims, with the potential to have additional investigations as recommended by our specialised team.


Our conversational management team is experienced, knowledgeable and pays absolute attention to detail, all to ensure that every claim is investigated swiftly and accurately.

  • Effective Screening & Validation of Claims
  • Highly Specialised Approach
  • Discrete & Sensitive Enquiries
  • Highly Efficient & Cost-Effective
  • Detailed Reporting & Recommendations
  • 54% Repudiation Rate