Employers and Public Liability

Driven by today’s compensation culture, the world of Employers and Public Liability insurance is nothing short of a minefield.

Thankfully, whether it’s loss or damage to goods, claims for accidents at work, tripping on the high street, shopper injury, or any other eventuality, RGI Solutions’ specialist knowledge and expertise mean that areas of concern are quickly identified.


Operating in line with legal timescales, our intelligence-led approach and technical know-how ensure that each claim is subjected to the most appropriate investigative processes.


Gathering best evidence through detailed scene assessments, comprehensive witness statements and examination of documents submitted, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the truth.


Operating across the UK and Ireland, we complete scene assessments promptly and efficiently – before valuable evidence is lost! Aware of the importance of meeting procedural timelines, we act swiftly, professionally and conclusively.

  • Technical & Investigative Expertise To Establish Liability
  • Intelligence-Led Approach – Evidence of Organised Fraud Frequently Captured
  • Comprehensive Scene Assessments Including Photographic & Video Evidence
  • Comprehensive Reporting With Supporting Evidence
  • Rapid Investigation Processes, In Line With Procedural Timescales