Household Claims Validation

According to the ABI, home insurance frauds were the most common, with 71,000 dishonest claims, valued at £106 million, detected.

Yet while there’s little doubt that the majority of household insurance fraud is from opportunistic householders who seek to exaggerate losses, premeditated claims are far from rare.


Whatever the circumstances, at RGI Solutions we will use our considerable expertise to uncover the truth.


After completing comprehensive interviews and compiling statements, carrying out detailed scene assessments and reconstructions (when appropriate) – and liaising with police – we will equip you with the information necessary to make the right decision.


Our intelligence-led approach will ensure that all available information is analysed, assessed and validated prior to the submission of a clear and conclusive report.

  • Detailed Statements Obtained With Full Police/SOCO Liaison
  • In-Depth Interviews With All Interested Parties
  • Validation of All Documents Produced In Support Of A Claim
  • Comprehensive Reporting With Recommendations
  • Scene Assessments & Incident Reconstruction
  • Photographic/Video Evidence Where Appropriate