Intelligence Services

RGI Solutions have always believed that precise, well-sourced intelligence is the lifeblood of effective claims investigation.

It should therefore be no surprise to hear that our clients enjoy claims validation and investigation services that are underpinned by sound, robust intelligence.


As the first claims company to build an intelligence capability, supported by the tools needed to turn information into evidence, we have long been recognised for our skills and integrity.


With highly trained analysts combining research, data mining and expert scrutiny, we deliver enviable solutions in fraud investigation, claimant profiling, defining investigation strategies and the creation of evidential packages.


With a comprehensive intelligence ‘toolbox’ at their disposal, our analysts provide quality information in such a way that even the most complex links between events and individuals can be easily visualised and understood.


Our intelligence capability acts as a solid foundation to all our services and ensures that RGI Solutions clients benefit from a rich repository of data.

  • Fully Compliant With All Legislation & Regulation
  • Establishes Clear Links Between People & Events
  • Valuable Data Shared Much Faster
  • Vast Repository Of High Quality Intelligence
  • Uncovers ‘Buried’ High Value Information