Lynx Document Validation

With the highest record of fraudulent conduct in 2022, as reported by Cifas, of which identity fraud accounted for 68% of cases recorded on the National Fraud Database, the role of AI is helping insurers streamline their claims management processes.

With highly experienced case managers, RGI Solutions offers a complete Document Validation Tool – Lynx – to assist in your claims processing.


Our Lynx document validation tool has a myriad of benefits for insurers. It can be used to streamline and automate manual processes, reduce human errors, enhance accuracy, and improve security and confidentiality.


Document validation is the process of ensuring documents are legitimate, authentic and conform to standards set by the insurer. By automating the process, insurers can minimise fraudulent documents and make sure only legitimate ones are accepted. This eliminates wasted time on processing documents that are invalid and increases the overall efficiency of the insurer’s processes.


The tool also adds an additional layer of security for document storage. Since the documents are automatically checked for accuracy and legitimacy, only the correct and up-to-date versions are accepted, making the process safer for insurers.


In addition, the tool helps with data analysis. Since the tool automatically processes and evaluates documents, insurers can obtain data points from the documents to aid in decision-making and resource planning. This helps the insurer be more efficient and successful in its operations.


The document validation tool offers many advantages to insurers and makes it easier to streamline and secure their processes. It reduces the time spent on manual validation and offers more accurate and up-to-date information that can be used for decision-making and resource planning. All in all, document validation tool is an invaluable asset for insurers.


Using the most effective tools and robust intelligence, we provide our clients with the assurance that any discrepancies will be quickly identified and resolved, and that any evidence of fraud will be captured successfully.

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