Motor Vehicle Theft and Fire

Theft or fire before major repairs or MOT, vehicles stolen to order, policyholders in financial hardship, alleged theft or fire following accident damage…

Whatever the circumstances surrounding a potentially suspicious motor theft or fire claim, our objective is simple: to bring you the truth, promptly and efficiently.


Extremely versatile in its approach, RGI Solutions’ Theft and Fire investigation service offers proactive and reliable solutions, from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and throughout the life cycle of the claim.


Using our proven, intelligence-led processes, our experienced theft case managers and field investigators know precisely what to look for, how to resolve matters quickly, and how to capture key evidence.


When required, they also work with specialist partners, examining keys, inspecting vehicle damage and analysing security and police information.


Always mindful of the importance of protecting your reputation and acting with absolute integrity, our investigation techniques are second to none.

  • Flexible, Intelligence-Led Investigation Solutions
  • Strategic Partnerships With Key Experts, Including Forensic Fire & Vehicle Engineers
  • Specialist Conversation Management Solutions
  • FNOL Fraud Screening Service