Plant and Construction

According to statistics, in excess of 5,000 pieces of plant and construction machinery are stolen annually in the UK.

The Government values this type of claim as being in excess of £100 million. However, research by the insurance industry has found that the true figure may be as high as £750 million.


The Plant and Construction sector is greatly exposed to the risk of crime and, in particular, fraudulent activity. Hence, whether it’s the fraudulent, initial rental of plant, or the organised theft of multiple pieces of equipment from several locations, there will always be the need for a robust claims validation and investigation process.


RGI Solutions has significant experience in the specialist field of Plant and Construction investigation.


We know what triggers to look for. We know what questions to ask and where evidence may lie. We also work with specialist agencies such as the Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) and the Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration scheme (CESAR), to help stop plant and equipment theft in its tracks.

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