Private Prosecutions

Public prosecution for insurance fraud should no longer be seen as the only option open to the industry. In the face of budgetary cuts and increasing pressure on the police and public resources, alternative and innovative solutions now exist – and RGI Solutions can help.

Working closely with specialist legal partners in the field of private prosecutions, RGI Solutions has developed an alternative investigation and prosecution solution.


A solution which gives control back to our clients in respect of the pursuit of a criminal prosecution, where evidence of fraudulent activity is established.


Benefiting from the same high standard of investigation and control as with a public criminal prosecution, our ‘private prosecution’ clients avoid the potential frustration, restrictions and delays that are becoming commonplace in the public justice system.


With a broad array of options at their disposal, our highly skilled and experienced investigators and specialist litigators can pursue the right cases through to successful convictions, achieving compensation and confiscation orders where appropriate.

  • Innovative, Foward thinking Litigation Model
  • Can Combine Both Civil Criminal Prosecution
  • Client Control Of Speed, Efficiency & Direction
  • Industry Leading, Investigation & Litigation Expertise
  • Committed To Compliance, Quality & Best Practice