Rental Screening and Investigation Solutions

How do you know your potential hirer is who they say they are? Are you able to accurately assess the risks associated with that individual driving away your asset? If your vehicle isn’t returned or an incident occurs whilst on hire, are you able to quickly trace your hirer and obtain all relevant and necessary detail and evidence to defend any claims and secure a recovery of any losses?

RGI Solutions’ services are designed to provide an effective and efficient risk management screening and investigation solution specifically for the rental sector.


Extremely versatile in its approach, our rental screening and investigation service offers proactive and reliable cost effective solutions.


Our screening solutions can be stand alone and offer within the hour, effective risk evaluation of an individual or company – do you want to do business with them? If not, why not?


In the event of a claims incident, our investigations are detailed, robust and efficient.

  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Available Across The UK & Ireland
  • Flexible, Highly Effective Processes
  • Considerable Up-To-Date Data Resources
  • Fully Compliant With All Legislation & Regulation