Road Traffic Liability Investigations

With multiple parties and opinions often involved, rarely is everything quite as it seems in motor liability claims.

At RGI Solutions, we offer many years of expertise in managing motor liability claims ranging from minor low speed impacts to complex events involving fatalities and serious injury.


Our wide-ranging portfolio of services ensures cost-effective solutions, from addressing initial liability assessment (in line with the MOJ reporting portal), through to investigating the most serious of incidents.


With a field force of highly experienced investigators (many of whom came from a police career where they specialised in road traffic policing), we have the technical knowledge and expertise to quickly and effectively establish the facts.


We interview policyholders, drivers and material witnesses to obtain comprehensive statements – and complete detailed scene assessments to courtroom standards.


Our technical knowledge, combined with our investigative, evidence-gathering capability, ensures that RGI Solutions clients can count on our clear and focused reports for accuracy and reliability.

  • Flexible Desktop & Field-Based Solutions
  • Rapid Initial Liability Assessment
  • Detailed Review of Vehicle Damage/Accident Circumstances
  • Locus Reports With Location Diagrams & Courtroom-Standard Evidence
  • Full Reporting with Recommendations To Liability & Witness Credibility