Trace and Recoveries

For more than 20 years, RGI Solutions’ Trace and Recovery services have helped insurers to locate ‘at fault’ individuals and successfully recover financial outlays.

Efficient and highly experienced, our dedicated Trace and Recovery team employs the latest, most effective techniques for successful debt retrieval.


Embracing key facts from online information providers, our in-house database streamlines the entire track and trace process. While our unique consumer and corporate information systems help us to resolve even the most challenging of cases.


To help our clients establish the merits of pursuing individuals through the courts, comprehensive financial profiles can also be provided.


Managed from the desktop and supported by our nationwide team of field investigators, this service is equally effective when tracing third parties, witnesses, and other persons of interest.

  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Available Across The UK & Ireland
  • Fully Compliant with All Legislation & Regulation
  • Flexible, Highly Effective Processes
  • Considerable Up-To-Date Data Resources
  • 87% Trace Rate