The Art of Travel Claims Fraud

Travel Claims Fraud

The Art of Travel Claims Fraud

It seems that the world of travel claims has become a breeding ground for fraudsters, who are becoming increasingly creative in their attempts to cheat the system. Bogus claims for ‘lost’ baggage, fake medical complaints, and bumped-up claim values are just a few of the ways that fraudsters are attempting to cheat travel insurance companies.


In the past, travel claims fraud was mostly an opportunistic crime, but now it has become a focus of organised crime syndicates. This has made it imperative that insurance companies adopt a more intelligence-led, analytical, and flexible approach in order to detect both the opportunistic and organised fraudsters.

This is where RGI Solutions comes in, renowned for uncovering even the most convincing fraudulent travel claims. We achieve this by combining in-depth research and analysis, verification, and expert fieldwork, and translation services. This allows us to offer flexible validation and investigation solutions, regardless of claim values or location.

Our travel team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable individuals who pay absolute attention to detail. This ensures that every claim is investigated swiftly and accurately. With our approach, insurance companies can be assured that they are getting the most effective fraud prevention services in the industry.

Sarah GlennOur director, Sarah Glenn comments:

The art of travel claims fraud has become increasingly complex. Insurance companies must stay ahead of the curve by adopting an intelligence-led, analytical, and flexible approach to fraud prevention. With RGI Solutions, we provide this approach to give you the most effective solutions to fraudulent travel claims.


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