The fight against Ghost Broking – Are you winning?

Ghost Broking

The fight against Ghost Broking – Are you winning?

The rising problem of ghost broking is not only concerning for insurers but also for policyholders who end up with fraudulent policies. In the wake of this growing concern, RGI Solutions is offering its assistance to insurers in investigating ghost brokers and combating this illicit practice.


With years of experience in fraud prevention and detection, RGI Solutions understands the gravity of the issue at hand. Our team of experts has devised a comprehensive solution to assist insurers in their fight against ghost brokers.

The first step we take is to identify potential ghost brokers. Once identified, our team can assist in investigating the suspected broker’s credentials, communication channels, and policies to determine if they are a genuine or a fraudulent broker.

RGI Solutions employs social media intelligence, a practice that is particularly effective in uncovering fraud. By monitoring the activity of suspected ghost brokers, we can determine their intent and uncover their true identity.

We understand that the fight against ghost broking requires collaboration between insurers, brokers, and the regulatory authorities. RGI Solutions provides a platform where insurers can share information on suspected ghost brokers, enabling collaboration to identify fraudsters and prevent fraudulent activity.  Our Director, Sarah Glenn, is also a regular attendee and contributor to the Insurance Times Fraud Charter, where key industry specialists come together and collaborate on many issues involving ghost broking.

Moreover, our advanced in-house database, tools and team of experts, provide insurers with the ability to identify trends and patterns that can help identify fraudulent activity, allowing insurers to take preventative measures to mitigate the risk.

At RGI Solutions, we are dedicated to working with insurers to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Our team of experts can assist insurers in their fight against ghost broking, providing comprehensive solutions that protect insurers, policyholders, and brokers. Recent results have led to key individuals being traced, and with the collaboration of our partnered insurers, the results have been sent to IFED. We believe that with our assistance, we can positively contribute to putting an end to the illicit practice of ghost broking and create a safer insurance environment for everyone.

If you would like to discuss ghost broking and how our services can protect your business, please contact:

Sarah GlennSarah Glenn – Commercial Director