The recurrent Travel Sickness Bug

Back in March we released an article in relation to the issues surrounding the travel sickness claims culture and now everyone has enjoyed their summer holidays and is getting back into the swing of being back to work and school runs, no doubt the travel industry will still be hit by rogue travel claims.


As the months have passed, we have seen a growing awareness of the problem and the media have detailed some fairly outrageous claims that have since been discovered to be fraudulent.  We have shared quite a few of these via our social media links and whilst it is good to see that ABTA are really pushing for the Government to back them and one licence has been stripped from a holiday sickness firm, it is still abundantly clear that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

In light of the recent press release from ABTA, where it is discussed that there has been more than a 500% increase in sickness claims made by UK holidaymakers, there is a clear demand for the need to investigate claims and ensure that we combat fraud early and learn from the issues that are still being tackled in the motor industry.

It was heartening to read yesterday’s news release from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, outlining the need to properly assess evidence,  where Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive says, “Our new warning notice makes it clear that any solicitor handling holiday sickness claims must carry out proper due diligence”.

Whilst ABTA push for the Government to address the legal loophole that is being taken advantage of, we at RGI are assisting holiday companies and travel insurers to tackle bogus holiday claims.  Our concern is that whilst this loophole is still there, bogus claims will still be made, even with the threat of a jail term attached to dishonest and exaggerated claims.

RGI Solutions are confident that we can help all involved tackle the bogus sickness claims that surround the holiday industry and we welcome open discussions to help raise awareness.  Should you be concerned that you are being targeted as a company, please contact Heather Green on 0161 486 0100 or, who is happy to discuss our thoughts and assist you in your campaign to tackle fraud.

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