The RGI Intelligence Team does it again!

Ghost Broker Success

The RGI Intelligence Team does it again!

The team at RGI Solutions has yet again shown their unwavering dedication in investigating fraudulent activities. The latest accomplishment we have achieved was our successful investigation in tackling Ghost broker fraud. The team has assisted their insurer client in identifying suspicious insurance policies sold by these known fraudsters.


For those unfamiliar, Ghost brokers are fake insurance agents that sell non-existent policies, leaving their customers without the necessary insurance coverage when the time comes. The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) reports a 27% increase in ghost brokering in 2020, putting many unsuspecting clients at risk. Ghost broking now makes up over a third of the cases being investigated by the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department at the City of London Police and there has been a surge in the number of scammers using Instagram to try and con consumers.

Thanks to the RGI teams’ vigilant and proactive approach, they were able to help their insurer client identify the real identity of the Ghost broker along with their linked claims, and promptly reported them to IFED for further investigation. This is an excellent example of collaboration between RGI Solutions, the insurer, and IFED in tackling insurance fraud, and a shining achievement for RGI Solutions intelligence team in particular.

RGI Solutions is committed to providing excellent and timely service to their clients. We offer an array of services that cater to the insurance industry, including our Lynx tools and database solutions that aid in preventing insurance fraud. We understand that the consequences of fraud can be significant, causing a loss of income for both the insurers and the policyholders.

Director of Counter Fraud, Chris Moore comments:

RGI Solutions has done it again. The team’s relentless commitment in ensuring a safer insurance environment is highly commendable, and this successful investigation in tackling ghost broker fraud is another testament to their capabilities. Through their actions, we are helping many insurers to protect their customers from these types of scams. The team at RGI Solutions will undoubtedly continue their efforts to fight against fraudulent activities, which ultimately benefit the industry and its customers.


Sarah Glenn also comments:

Our team goes from strength to strength on the fight for tackling Ghost broking.  As a regular contributor to the Insurance Times Fraud Charter, hosted by Donna Scully at Carpenters, it was an issue raised and talked about in great depth at the last round table.  Whilst many feel like it can be an uphill battle, requiring innovative solutions and creative thinking, everyone within the industry is committed to tackling the issue at hand and it is great that our team continues to strive in the present battle we face.


Want to know how we can support you in the fight against Ghost broking?  Contact our leadership team or go to our ‘contact us‘ page.

Blog contributors:Chris Moore


Counter Fraud Director:  Chris Moore


Sarah Glenn   Commercial Director:  Sarah Glenn