To Catch a Vehicle Thief

To Catch a Vehicle Thief

25 years of tackling vehicle theft, understanding the motives and methods of the organised vehicle theft rings and helping insurers and corporate fleets to better manage the theft risk has taught us one thing…


There’s no room for complacency – vehicle thefts remain a clear and present issue costing motor insurers and self insured fleets millions a year.

The increase in manufacturer security systems has certainly presented a challenge to the more professional thief however we know that these systems can be overcome – the vast majority of vehicles can now be stolen without the key if the thief is determined enough and where the less than professional thief decides they want a certain vehicle, there is always the less than careful insured / driver who fails to realise the value and importance of protecting their keys making them easy pickings to the undesirables who are always on the hunt.

The technology exists and is easily available to those more organised crime rings to bypass vehicle immobilisers and wider security systems. The Home Office report from January 2016 ‘Reducing Criminal Opportunity – vehicle security and vehicle crime’ reported that the Metropolitan Police has seen the first rise in vehicle thefts in 20 years.

The report goes on to reveal that organised thieves have adapted to modern security technology, developing more sophisticated techniques to combat keyless entry systems and immobilisers. The report also states that vehicle manufacturers need to be developing ‘a third wave of security measures’ to combat the issue of the bypass technology being passed on from the more professional to the more opportunistic thief.

A competent and effective motor theft claim investigator needs to thoroughly understand the detail behind the statistics and reports to help their clients by applying their knowledge and experience gained from years of managing the motor crime risk. This approach is all the more important as specialist police stolen vehicle squads no longer exist and readily available advice and information is difficult to come by.

At RGI Solutions we take an holistic view – our detailed evaluation of the theft will not only look at the circumstances relating to the theft but will also analyse the detail behind the type of vehicle, it’s theft location, the security and potential for security bypass technology to have been used – and of course, the potential for the insured to have been involved. RGI Solutions provide information and detail quickly, reliably, cost effectively. We look at the whole and not just the part – we help you manage the risk.