Vehicle Theft and Home Burglary on the Rise: How RGI Solutions Can Help

Vehicle Theft & Home Burglary on the Rise

Vehicle Theft and Home Burglary on the Rise: How RGI Solutions Can Help

It’s concerning to see that vehicle theft rose by a quarter in 2022, and home burglary is also up. The increase in thefts is causing a lot of worry, not just for homeowners but for insurers too. In this situation, it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from the criminals’ grasps.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recently released statistics indicating that there was a 24.9% increase in vehicle thefts in 2022, compared to the previous year. Similarly, theft from vehicles rose by 9.9%, and residential burglary increased by 2.9%. This report also reveals that Devon and Cornwall Police could not provide figures to the ONS, suggesting that the true figures could be even higher.

It’s crucial to take appropriate measures to protect our properties and prevent thieves from stealing them. In these trying times, independent investigation companies such as RGI Solutions can help manage claims by utilising the latest technology and methods to fight against car theft and burglary.

At RGI Solutions, we offer various services such as surveillance, background checks, fraud investigations, accident reconstruction and in car data analysis. Our goal is to investigate the claims, uncover any potential fraud, and bring peace of mind to our clients.

Our highly-trained team utilises the latest technology to gather and analyse data from the claims and identify any fraudulent activities. With our evidence-based solutions, we ensure that our business partners pay out only what their customers entitled to, and insurance fraud is eliminated.

Chris MooreOur Director, Chris Moore comments:

With the rise of theft and burglary rates, it is vital to take appropriate measures to safeguard our belongings. However, if the unfortunate happens, RGI Solutions is here to provide effective solutions for claims management, including fraud investigations, surveillance, and more.


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