Want to know more about Danni Brooke? Read on….

Want to know more about Danni Brooke? Read on….

Danni Brooke joined us three weeks ago and we’ve been busy planning new enhanced service offerings around her amazing skills, specifically around Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


At RGI we are absolutely chuffed that Danni agreed to a collaboration into raising the awareness of Intelligence Services & the benefits of this within the Insurance Industry.

“Digital” must be one of the most frequently used terms within boardrooms. We live in an age, rightly or wrongly, where smartphones are an intrinsic part of life. Many of us share our lives on social media platforms and use these platforms within the corporate world.

Innovation provides opportunities but also risks. We cannot ignore the fact that when using data, socially and building digital presence ourselves, we also share so much information, without even realising it.

Big Data is a huge issue (excuse the pun). We need to understand and use it to better protect ourselves in both the virtual and real world. How can we reduce our own digital footprints and how can we analyse the digital space to protect us from those with nefarious designs?

This is why we have engaged with and brought Danni on-board. Her skills are first class. She and RGI are fully equipped and able to take OSINT analysis and investigations to the next level, allowing you to get the most out of big data.

When you think of Danni, many would associate her with the Channel 4’s hit show, Hunted.

Despite her “celebrity” (she doesn’t like this word); her passion comes from her experience within the Met Police. Danni left school at the age of 18 and successfully passed The Metropolitan Police training course and ‘hit the beat’ as a uniformed officer. After a very short spell in uniform, the Met’s elite covert team, who deal with some of the most dangerous cases in UK policing, saw Danni’s potential and promoted her. Danni went on to serve over 10 years in the notoriously demanding Undercover Officer Unit at New Scotland Yard, fighting the war on drugs, guns and prostitution rings, leading to countless convictions.

Danni always found herself deployed in the very heart of the action across the UK and was the most prolific female undercover operative, as has been stated.

With her experience, skills and focus, Danni left The Met to teach undercover and police informant handling courses, globally, which developed her wealth of investigative experience in both the private and public sectors as a supervisor in lead roles within the intelligence and investigation world. Danni’s skills are invaluable within the era we now find ourselves. We share similar values and evolved skills with the aim of battling fraud and security threats in the world today and tomorrow.

We are working hard with Danni to develop vertically tailored industry leading courses around profiling and OSINT, which we look forward to announcing in the coming weeks. Should you wish to discuss the opportunities for your company to upskill their own intelligence teams, please get in touch.